Why is paper holding back change in construction?


For decades we have relied on paper as a medium to record evidence of site works.  This has now become a systemic habit that we are all struggling to break.  This perceived trust, is the one habit that is the source of most errors on our projects.

So why are we all so hell bent on holding on to this age-old tradition?

Perhaps it is because we trust it more.  Because we can feel it.  And believe it is easier.

But is that the reality?

When investigating the paper life cycle on our projects, it is easy to see how time and cost is wasted with the introduction of errors.

A simpler alternative


QDot starts and ends in the cloud to save time and cost by ensuring transparency.


When comparing the QDot Digital lifecycle of projects is clear that it is time for a new habit.



 Call us to today to find out how we can help your business or project transform from paper to digital.

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