Supporting the Project Life Cycle

Our Applications ensures traceability and accountability of documentation throughout the project life cycle. 


We support manufacturing by ensuring traceability of products throughout the process


We support construction and the build environment by improving productivity and compliance by simplifying the sign-off process


We support the commissioning team by providing certainty that the works are ready and compliant for operation


We support utility management by ensuring plant and equipment is routinely maintained and eliminating the need for hard copy manuals


We support renovators by the ensuring the history of the build is captured to prevent any surprises


We supporting demolition teams by keep track of of key activities and permits


Coming Soon


We support all teams by keeping track of inspections, reducing paper and ensuring accountability

Our Mobile Application

Our application is available on iOS and Android devices 
Secure Login
Allowing safe login to your digital twin
Location Pins
All projects are geographically located
Simple access to Project Information such as drawings, Team members and Project links
Project Carousel
Our platform incorporates the entire project life cycle if required
WBS Carousels
A simple way to scroll through the Work Breakdown Structure for your Project from Categories, Areas and ITP's/Workflows
ITP's and Workflows
An infographic style of Tasks, their intervention points and statuses
Task Progress
Live updates of who has sign off their activities
Checklists & Tasks
Simple toggles for accepting or rejecting actions and the ability to link projects, upload images and documents
Defect Management
Adding Defects by means of drawing on photos or uploads
Defect List
A culmination of all Defects of the ITP/Workflow to ensure the closure
To Do List
All your outstanding and future task in one place
QR Scanner
An encrypted QR Scanner for QDot documents such as drawings, manuals and specifications

Key Features

Live Updates

Live updating of the outstanding Inspections with a “to do list”

Safe Cloud Storage

All Data is stored in the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Live Progress on QA Status

All inspections have live tracking of their status

Workflow Management

Workflow tasks while assigning to team members for sign-off

Access to Documents

Access project documents such as manuals and drawings

Project Linking

Linking of other QDot Projects ensuring traceability of products

Capture Progress

Capture site progress with pictures


Flexibility to incorporate your business needs

Email Notifications

Digital nudge by instant notifications when inspections are ready

Documents via QR Lables

Accessing documents and history via physical QR codes

Geo Located Data

All Data is Geo located

Defect Management

Recording of defects throughout the project

Traceability of Inspections

Traceability of every inspection by recording who, what and when its signed-off

Offline Functionality

Offline functionality for remote sites that do not have internet

Digital Sign off

Accountability by having a digital sign-off by the digital twin team members

Online Documents

Access to documents on your mobile

Our Commitments

We do the heavy lifting to digitize your processes as we understand that technology needs to meet the industry half way. 

Be part of the solution to achieve the Zero Carbon Act by reducing the amount of paper in our industries.

We provide support and training to simplify your digital journey.