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Step 2- Download Application


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Step 3- Showcase on how it works

Digital Conversion

We understand that going digital is not easy, so we do the heavy lifting by converting all your paper documents to the digital format. This includes assigning team members and uploading drawings and specifications.

To Do List

All Inspection are live. Showing what requires action now and what is still coming. Progress is easily tracked by having all these outstanding actions in one place.

Online Documents

No more need for drawings on site with all documents at you finger tips.

Defects from initiation to closure

Defect management from initiation to closure. Allowing the defects to be categorized, captured and tracked.

Getting Started

Once downloaded, log in via the Demo mode.

Reviewing Inspections

A fully customized checklists with simple toggles to review the status and confirm your own. Allowing for notes, pictures and uploads to accurately capture the works. If the works are not correct a simple rejection sends a notification that the inspection has failed and resets the inspection process.

Access via QR Scanner

No more searching for files when you can scan. This function is for documents such as manuals and drawings. Try this by Scanning the QR Code here.

Simple handover

On completion of the project there is no more paper to chase, only hand over a simple QR label. Once fixed to the object, the QR label can be accessed as a reviewer to see the history of the project.